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Wolf Clan tattoo
As the industrial age grows to encompass more of society, making it more modern, there have always been holdouts and those resistant to change in order to preserve their culture which is slowly becoming obsolete.

On the outskirts of Harbor City, Southern Water Tribe, there is a family of hunters who still hold to the old ways. Seal hunters and fishermen, the Amaruq clan, or the clan of the grey wolf, have lived in the Southern Water Tribe eking a living in their time honored manner for generations.

Stubborn and proud, the Wolf Clan eschew the trappings of the modern world for the most part, with exception of what may aid their work. By and large, the clan is well known, though not necessarily in a good light. Though twice a year the family travels to civilization to sell and trade pelts and meat for goods they can't make themselves, the more contemporary populace of Harbor City prefer that the rough and tumble family stay out of the city, and the feeling is mutual.

Honest and hard-working, the grey wolves are not bad people, and seldom do they look for trouble while they play hard, but if you have a problem with them, and you bring it to them, they will solve it.........with their fists if you're lucky, with knives if you're pushing it.  

When a family member has perfected all the skills he or she needs to be self-sufficient to support a spouse, and/or join the hunt with the rest of the family, they earn the right to have the family tattoo inked in the skin of their strongest arm. If the bearer of the tattoo has a special skill, or a moment in their life that defines them, that may also be incorporated into the work.   

Whenever the tattoo heals, the forearm that was tattooed is always uncovered to display the bearer's membership in the Amaruq clan as a matter of pride and a warning of their prowess as a hunter and fighter.        

As a last resort, and chance, when an outsider comes to them, with of all things, an orphaned wolf cub tucked in her parka, looking for a family to foster her while she undergoes the rite of Illautiwok because no one else will accept her, the patriarch of the wolf clan refuses as well, but a saving grace in the form of an act of defiance, just to piss him off, his elderly mother feeds the stranger seeking favor.

Infuriated by the act, the patriarch is forced to take the stranger in, because in accordance with the ancient tradition, nourishing the supplicant makes her a member of his family, therefore his responsibility. His wife, two sons and young daughter are quickly won over by the charming and resourceful Republic City transplant, but that doesn't mean HE has to like it *or* her.  

Now, of course, she's going to do whatever it takes to get that tattoo now, if anything, just to spite him.          

Since its inception, the petroleum industry has tried to sway the consumer in varying ways to purchase their products as opposed to their competitors’. After all, there is little to no difference between one manufacturer’s gasoline and motor oils and another’s, and it was imperative to distinguish your products from the competition if you wanted to gain customers and stay in business.

Aside from ad campaigns on radio and in print, services such as free air, windshield cleanings, oil checks, and clean rest rooms were offered, but one other surefire way to gain brand loyalty from customers you were hoping to sell to was the free giveaway.

Motorists were often given free road maps for the state they were traveling in; Gulf being the first company to do so, sometimes vouchers for a few cents off the next purchase of gasoline were given. Sports score cards and lapel pens were given as gifts to men, and often women were presented with items such as thimbles and sewing kits emblazoned with the company logo to help fix the corporate name in their minds.

Though they weren’t drivers yet, the children of paying motorists were not forgotten either, and more often than not, companies such as Shell, Atlantic, Texaco, White Rose, and all of the Standard Oil companies (Red Crown, Chevron, Mobil) along with many now defunct, or absorbed petroleum companies that no longer exist today, had something to give away to children to garner brand loyalty.

Many of the prevalent premiums you see for children from Sinclair Petroleum Company are from the mid fifties on through today, and feature their green brontosaurus mascot, “Dino”, but Sinclair Oil hadn’t begun to use the famous dinosaur logo until the 1940’s.

From the mid 1920’s through the entire decade of the 1930’s, companies pulled out all the stops and gave away some rather elaborate premiums to children such as bags of marbles, small story booklets, board games complete with playing pieces and a spinner, or foldable paper cutouts such as the one above. Free goodies for the kiddies continued well into the seventies, but never again did you see the quality associated with the older premium giveaways.

In the mid-thirties, Sinclair Oil Company offered a series of ten animal cards free without purchase to anyone who asked for them, but of course, they were given with the hope that parents stopping to get the new animal card for their children each week would perhaps put a gallon or two of gas in the tank, or after a check, find they needed a quart of oil and would purchase it while they were there.

The Beth-O-Line gasoline claim to fame was that unlike its contemporaries, the higher octane fuel married with the tetraethyl lead additives in all of the fuels of the day, would give Sinclair’s particular brand the ability to turn the motor of a car over with more ease in cold weather, and have the power to drive a vehicle to the top of a hill without hesitation or spark knocking. (Which was a problem with some fuels, especially small dealers that dispensed discount gasoline sold from “Tank car to your car” setups)

In this particular card series, there was an owl, giraffe, lion, tiger, leopard, elephant, mountain goat (ram), zebra, camel, and polar bear (where this design came from), and the animals available in the offer were printed on the obverse of the printed card, and you were supposed to cut the white area of the card away from the animal, and fold it to be a miniature standee.

I made this thing so that if you wanted to, you can actually print, cut, and fold this to make the standee.

The obverse of these cards were printed with a poem about the animal featured, written by Folger McKinsey “The Benztown Bard”, and ended with a plug for the high-end “Hi-Test” brand of gasoline Sinclair was selling at the time, Beth-O-Line.

Therefore, in the spirit of the obverse of the card, I thought I’d try, though I am no Korr-A-Line bard……

In the land of the southern water tribe, the polar bear dog enjoys his warm soft hide, thick enough to hold off the arctic chill, snow and ice is its biggest thrill.

Like the mighty polar bear dog, Korr-A-line gasoline runs mighty strong, and as your motor roars in the frosty wind, Korr-A-Line is your furry friend.

                                                                                                           Hate Loves You Dearly “The Korr-A-Line Bard”


Collect a complete set of Korr-A-Line animals: donkey camel, sewer pipe elephant rat, rabbiroo, hog monkey, owl cat, platypus bear, lion turtle, tigerdillo, sky bison, and polar bear dog.

Reporting For Cutie!
Here's a drawing of our little light spirit friend in the fire helmet mom made him.

Isn't he just adorable?

 As I may have mentioned before, Leafy is Wu's little shadow, and when it is time for him to go in for his rotation at the firehouse, our spirit friend goes with him, winds up going on most of the calls too. He is the official mascot of squad fifty-one, and whenever people are in distress, especially children, he does an incredibly good job of comforting them.

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but it never really stopped me before.....a while back I kept finding small bags of different colored hair in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Korrasami was too little to begin acquiring odd objects for collections as children are wont to do, and I was almost afraid to ask Wu if they were his, because that would mean he had mental problems even *I* was unaware he had. The last thing we need in the loft is a serial killer, and I think that creepy guy in 2-A has that segment in society covered, and as we all know, they don't like competition.

Anyway, I tailed Leafy for a bit, and as it turned out, on the weekends he was going to the barber shop on fifth, going through the trash, collecting the hair himself and stockpiling it.

Now, I know that sounds strange, even by spirit behavioral standards, but it made perfect sense once I saw what he was trying to do. 

The grass is always greener on the other side, and seeing as spirits can't grow their own hair, Leafy was trying to manufacture his own mustache because he idolizes the fire captain and he has one.

I wonder if that is why Wu is trying to grow one too......


I have to give him credit, Leafy was doing okay until the glue dried on the ends of his little arm nubs. I swear, it looked like someone shaved a mile of multi-colored rugs left over from the fifties and stuck the lint on him.

And, oh JOY, just like his bestest buddy Wu, when it comes to trouble, Leafy never does anything halfway, he does it *right* the first time. 

Our spirit friend didn't just use *any* standard, run of the mill adhesive, oh, hell no, he used VARRIGLUE, you know, that permanent instant adhesive crap that won't come off, even with a welding torch and horrible amounts of profanity.

Have you ever tried to soak a squirming spirit while his asshole best friend is laughing and making off color jokes, about you know what, that the spirit, thank the Gods, doesn't get- while a baby is screaming her head off in the next room?

Not pleasant.

Always remember, ladies, when you get married, there will *always* be a child for you to look after- the ones you bear yourself, and the ready made one you took your vows with.    
Sato Dragonfire Promotional
Here it is, the first promotional advertisement for the Future Industries-Sato DragonFire. 

I can just hear this car sounding like a freakin' beast with a V-8 running the blacktop like a scalded badger mole with ram air, and the hood with a screaming komodo chicken decal on it as Asami and Korra drag through Dragon Flats kicking the crap out of the rat rod kids like they used to when they were younger raising all grades of hell.

Anyhoo, this is the first time I've ever tried "chroming" lettering, I think I did okay. 

I spent five days off and on working on this thing in a 1978 Corvette while listening to Ganymed's "Future World" for inspiration. (okay, a little Barry White too) If you have ever been seated in a C-3 or any model for that matter, with a laptop, you can see what an accomplishment this truly was on so many levels. 

You also now know why every date I use is 1978 on my car ads. (that and I suck at math, and I can't figure out the Avatar Universe year dating system)

In my head I have the Korrasami as the Corvette, and the DragonFire is either a Camaro, Firebird, or Trans-Am, you pick your preference.

I'm still bummed about there not being a Pontiac anymore. :( 

Ganymed: Future World…


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